7 Tips to create your own website

This post is not a step by step guide for creating your own website. Here, we discuss the 7 top tips to create your own website. Most business owners/freelancers feel the need to create website for their business/services at some point in their life. These tips should help you accomplish that. You don’t necessarily have to be a tech geek.

#1 Know what you need

Understand what would be the essentials to create your own website. You would necessarily need a domain name and a web hosting plan. For design purposes, you would require a template, logo and royalty free images. For business needs, business email address is essential. An account with Google Analytics would help you in the long run. To think of these many, may sound intimidating. Nevertheless, these costs as few as 10-20 USD and few minutes of your time.

#2 Choose open source tools

Propriety content management system may seem attractive. The downside is, you are stuck with a single web development company. They can charge you anything at their own will. Instead, if you choose open source platforms such as WordPress or Joomla, you don’t have to spend on licenses. You can have developers to create custom themes for you. You can also purchase themes from larger repositories.

#3 Understand SEO and SMM

Don’t expect visitors to drop by, just because you published your website. Even a news release won’t bring too many visitors. Understand how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works and how it associates with web traffic. Not just SEO, you would need SMM in this social media age too. Your web design should have contingencies to include sharing and other forms of social media marketing options for your product and contents.

#4 Urge call to action

Use call to action text wherever possible. Difference between “50% off” and “50% off, Click here” is huge. Unless you call for action, the prospective consumers are never sure about your products. There are lot of graphics and fonts available for creating call to action text. Placing them in the right spot matters a lot too. It’s text like these that makes visitors to decide what to do next.

#5 Outsource where its necessary

You can’t do everything on your own. Employ people to do tasks such as designing, writing, marketing planning, advertising or whichever tasks, you are not good at. Be clear about your goals and communicate it clearly to them. You can find tons of thousands of freelancers with wide range of skills available online.

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#6 Display decent portfolio

The idea of your own website is to showcase your works. Unless you are making the website exclusively for a product, your website should be about you and your works. For instance, if you are a photographer, post your best photographs.

#7 Focus on adding credibility

Add a detailed ‘About Us’ page. Introduce you and your team in best light. Do not add generic testimonials. No one likes to believe a comment like ‘It’s great’ from an Adam Smith. Get loyal customers to do specific testimonials mentioning their city, website, etc… You can also add customer testimony like “great price and quality for your affordable plumbing services in Liverpool“.

With these tips, building a website should be as easy as 1-2-3. Post your doubts and suggestions in the comment section.