SEO Prices

It’s all about the Return on Investment

I learnt this a long time ago that businesses want the best return on their investment, and under-quoting in digital marketing and SEO leads to WORST ROI they can get. SEO is like running a marathon and chances are right now you are a long way behind your competitors. If you wish to get to the first place, we’ll help you run faster than your competitors – staring with closing the gap and then overtaking them.

Let’s say you invest $500 per month, and your competitor is investing $1000 per month, how will you cover the gap in between? You cannot. Your business will have a slow progress rate, and you will never land on the first page of the search engine. I haven’t yet talked about traffic, enquiries, and sales! This is how you’ll waste all your money and get zero returns.

Now, let’s say you invest $1500 per month. This is how you’ll beat your competitors and get to the top of the first page. Your business will easily bring in $10,000 – $50,000 per month. Now that’s what you call a fantastic ROI.

We are not the right fit

if you are looking for $500 per month

As you’ve read in the previous point, it is extremely important that your digital marketing and SEO campaign gets the best investment to become successful. We don’t take on clients who we can’t get to the top, and who we can’t get a great ROI for. This is the reason why we don’t take on clients who only have $400, $500 or $600 to spend on their SEO each month.

A good invest gets you good ROI and amazing sales outcome. We at Sydney SEO are incredibly good at what we do. Our team of SEO experts design strategies and campaigns based on your business personality. What we do and the strategies that we use you can’t find anywhere. It is true that no university teaches how to effectively work on SEO and achieve the best results. I have read many books and online blogs on search engine optimization and digital marketing, but you cannot deny the fact that no online blog can teach you how to do it ‘right’. It takes years of experience and hard work to gain expertise in the field of digital marketing and SEO.

My years of experience with thousands of small business ensure you that you will get nothing but the best for your business. Sydney SEO is one of the best SEO service providers in Sydney. If you wanted to hire a top marketing manager or top SEO consultant to perform SEO services for your business, they wouldn’t do it less than $110,000/year. That’s over $10,000 excluding the overheads, computer costs and so on.

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Keep your eyes on the RIO, not the cost

Here’s a question – Is spending $1,000 and receiving $10,000 expensive than spending $500 and receiving $100? You know the answer if you want to get the best ROI for your business. When done right with the help of the best SEO consultant, it can drive a huge ROI, often 10-25X on your money when calculated annually.

How much does will SEO cost?

So, the big question is – how much will SEO cost?

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you the calculated number unless I learn about your requirements and business. Once I get complete specifications from your end, and after the complete analysis of the market and your competition, I will be able to give you the exact figures.

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