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Sydney SEO is the top-notch Research and Data management service provider in Sydney, Australia. We are a reliable outsourcing partner for companies that want to get insights from their data to enhance their business growth. Our team of data experts takes care of your data analytics infrastructure and accomplishes advanced data analysis to provide you with regular reports, alerts, and predictions, as well as self-service analytics. As a result, businesses that make use of our managed analytics services can prioritize on accurate planning of their business activities, change management, ongoing business management, and optimization of their business processes.

With more than a decade of experience in data analytics, we have created comprehensive competencies that cover traditional and big data, business intelligence, data management, advanced data analytics, and data science. We possess substantial domain expertise, retail and wholesale, manufacturing, professional services, financial services, healthcare and telecommunications.

Research and management services include


Data management activities like metadata management and master data, data quality assurance and data security.

Regular reports, comprising the ones driven with advanced analytics.

Access to self-service analytics.

Ad hoc reports of the specified complexity.

Alerting, for instance, alerts requiring attention or urgent actions.

Regular alteration of machine learning models.

If you already have centralized analytical solutions for your business, but don’t have time or resources to upgrade it to fulfil the specific analytical needs of a particular department, we suggest outsourcing it to data experts. We ensure the integration of our data analytics infrastructure with your central data warehouse and closely collaborate with your support team.

Research, Data analysis and management

How We Do It to Get the Numbers Right for Your Business


At the initial stage, we analyze your needs, and examine the company’s business plan and gather input from IT and business departments to understand the customer’s analytical needs. Based on the findings of the discovery stage, we strategize the services and agree on the service level agreement terms.


Our data experts extract the data into a data warehouse, clean it to confirm that the data is of high quality, integrate with your data warehouse, if any, create OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) cubes for exploratory analysis and train machine learning models. This is the phase where the responsibility transfer takes place. We deliver value through analytics having liberty in process and resources and are responsible for setting up processes and managing them. Our team is responsible for assigning and managing proper resources.

Service delivery

We at Sydney SEO provide access to self-service analytics tools; deliver regular reporting and ad hoc analytics upon your request. If required, we arrange alerts for business users that notify if any irregularity is detected in analyzed data or a certain threshold is reached. We also deliver precise forecasts that will become the basis for optimizing a company’s internal processes.

Continuous improvement

We are flexible the ever-evolving business needs of your company, and provide relevant reporting. We can add data sources to enrich the internal sales data with the results of the recent external research on the industry performance data. Besides, we persistently work to maximize the quality of data analysis. For instance, to advance the accuracy of predictions, we retrain the machine learning models based on a large quantity of historical data that has become available.

Our Analysis methodology

  • Data aggregation (traditional reporting and online analytical processing)
  • Forecasting (machine learning and deep learning)
  • Clustering
  • Classification (defining a transaction either as fake or real or the machinery condition either as pre-failure or functioning normally)
  • Optimization (inventory optimization)
  • Statistical hypothesis verification

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