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Have you heard it from the salespeople that marketing’s leads are poor quality or that they don’t count on marketing to meet and exceed their quota? And, how about marketing people stating that the sales department is not following up with marketing leads in a responsive way? Sound familiar? Most organizations face these common challenges daily, and this is where leads management services come to the rescue.

Lead management is simply the process of capturing and managing leads, which includes tracking their activities and behaviour, qualifying them, and making them sales-ready for your business. Sydney SEO provides the best Leads Management services in Sydney, Australia. Lead Management identifies leads, manages it and optimizes the composition of lead sources and channels to harvest more qualified leads, better conversion rates and a higher return on investment for your marketing efforts. The result is to channel sales for doing more selling and less prospecting while offering marketing the insight to grow campaign investments.Our marketing experts at Sydney SEO believe that no two Lead Management models are the same, and we leverage our experience to build a model that aligns with your business objectives.

Sydney SEO helps you develop a shared definition of a sales-ready lead and defining your complete lead process. Our team assesses your current Lead Management model and then draft out the process for lead status, routing, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and recycling. In addition to this, we support you in constructing an optimal lead scoring model, define roles and responsibilities, and build comprehensive funnel reporting and analytics.

How we do it to increase your ROI


Lead Capture Automation

Leads get captured automatically in your system. We ensure that each lead is fed into the system right at the point of origin, preventing lead leakage of any kind. Another aspect of lead capturing is the competence to automatically evaluate sources generating the most number of leads and revenue for your business.

Lead Tracking

After the lead is captured, our lead management or lead tracking software starts tracking the activities and behaviour of that lead, like the pages they are visiting, the survey forms they are filling, and the amount of time they are spending on your blog. We provide you with valuable insights about your leads.

Lead Distribution

Our lead distribution system auto-assign the leads based on the logic you define. With lead distribution, you can minimize the response time and make sure that the lead is chased by the most relevant salesperson.

Lead Qualification

Our experts check the leads to identify if they are worth pursuing or not. These qualified leads (also called as sales-ready leads) give out the Quality Scoring. Quality score can be customized by the business based on their ideal buyer persona.

Lead Nurturing

Some leads may not take interest to indulge in buying at the moment, but that can very easily change in the future. It is possible that some of them might never buy, but if you give them a good experience, you have a loyal customer base for life.

Start a better Lead Management Process today

Effective Lead Management process enables marketing to calculate the impact of its initiatives on the sales pipeline and revenue. It facilitates lead development representatives to manage their funnel of leads and experience sales follow-up. Sydney SEO lead management system is customized to meet your company's unique business marketing and sales generation requirements. Our sales and marketing team customized leads from lead source, web fields, and branding integration. You'll have an online lead management system that meets all of your business needs.

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