Why we’re Different?


My Journey began in 2012 when I put my first step in the world of digital marketing. I was so fascinated by the idea of getting people to find, buy and sell things online. This pushed me to learn more about the digital world, and I end up reading a lot of books and articles on digital marketing and SEO. Even now, I keep on updating myself with the latest trends in digital marketing.


The following year, I launched my SEO and marketing website dedicated to helping people in Australia get the best out of their online business. In my years of experience, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, and every mistake taught me to become better for the next time.


During that time, eCommerce business was new and less competitive. With time and experience, I learned the importance of knowing how to make sales with creative. I tried my hands in graphic designing, web content writing and copywriting. To my surprise, I learnt quickly and was able to outsell my competition; even though we were more expensive. I realized that I have the potential to write sales-oriented copy’s and create enticing creatives. Even though I mastered the art of copywriting and graphic designing for my own business, but realized that I couldn't stay confined to only this skill-set. I decided to learn more about marketing for eCommerce businesses to help them with the skills that I have developed.


I’ve dedicated my initial years in mastering the art of crafting sales copy and designs full time for clients not only in Australia but many other countries across the globe. During that phase, I observed something interesting. Once the clients had their copies and designs, and once their sales pages were designed and set up, most of the clients struggle to get people to their websites. They struggled to get relevant traffic and faced a low return on investment.


This motivated me to learn how to master many different traffic sources to help out my clients in their business. I learnt about SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and much more. I read books and articles about all these topics, learnt about website traffic, and updated myself with ever-evolving SEO trends. I decided to take experience in various renowned agencies to improve my skills and learn from ‘the best’ in the industry about SEO and Adwords.


Along with the valuable experience of marketing, I learnt about the dark side of agencies where they charge a lot from small business. I felt the urge to stand up and compete with the corrupt world because small business owners like you need a fair service. After learning as much as I could in the agency life, I decided to help small business by providing them services which they can trust upon. As a result, Sydney SEO was established.


I am confident enough to help business with my SEO skills and help them grow without restrictions. In the year 2018 and 2019, Sydney SEO has been ranked #1 SEO company in Sydney, Australia. We successfully assisted small businesses across Australia to get a high return on investment along with top ranking in search engines.


Through all of the rapid growth, and through helping hundreds of small business owners, Sydney SEO ensures one thing above all, which is to keep up our quality and to ensure that you get the best SEO service available anywhere on the market. We are always focusing on how we can help our clients to get the best, fastest, and most profitable results possible. We treat our client as our family and ensure that they always get the best. Once you hire our best SEO services in Australia, our team will take care of your online ranking and work diligently to clear the path of your success.