SEO Packages designed for your needs.

You will experience the benefits of top SEO marketing. Whether you’re a small, medium or large enterprise, we’ll design an online internet marketing SEO Package that aligns with your budget.

Small, Medium to Large Companies

Our SEO Sydney agency work with all type of websites, from 1,000 users to 500,000 users a month.


If you have a new website then you will need to implement all the basic of SEO and tracking tools to monitor your website performance.


If you have specific keywords you want to rank for or that you current SEO agency cannot rank you on the top of page 1 of Google then hire us.


If you want to change your SEO company to a more efficient one then contact us. Our SEO experts in Sydney will work with you to reach your goals.


Do you have few websites, a reputation to handle online and many keywords to rank? Then hire use and we will handle your project on a corporate level.

SEO Solutions
Customer Acquisition Specialist

The main difference between each of these packages is the number of hours being dedicated to the campaign each month and the keywords selection for the campaign.

Our Sydney Packages - Pro

Work done directly by our Australian team
  • $600 +GST per month for 6 hours ($100+GST / hr)
  • $1200 +GST per month for 14 hours ($86+GST / hr)
  • $2500 +GST per month for 30 hours ($83+GST / hr)
  • $3800 +GST per month for 50 hours ($76+GST / hr)

Our India Packages - Basic

Work done by our Indian team
  • $90 +GST per month for 4 hours ($18,00+GST / hr)
  • $120 +GST per month for 12 hours ($10,00+GST / hr)
  • $250 +GST per month for 30 hours ($8,30+GST / hr)
  • $380 +GST per month for 50 hours ($7,60+GST / hr)
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